mercredi 13 mai 2009

Les tests prouvent que le virus au Mexique est le même que celui qui avait touché huit personnes au Texas et en Californie (origine du virus aux USA)

Mexico flu deaths raise fears of global epidemic
Unique virus connected to cases in Calif. and Texas; source still a mystery news services
updated 7:26 p.m. ET April 24, 2009

Mexico shut down schools, museums, libraries and state-run theaters across its overcrowded capital Friday in hopes of containing a swine flu outbreak that authorities say killed at least 20 people — and perhaps dozens more. World health authorities worried openly that the strange new virus could become a global epidemic.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said tests show some of the Mexico victims died from the same new strain of swine flu that sickened eight people in Texas and California. Of the 14 samples tested from Mexico, seven were matches, said the CDC's acting director Dr. Richard Besser.

Mexico put the confirmed toll at 20 dead, but 40 other fatalities were being probed, and at least 943 nationwide were sick from the suspected flu, the health department said

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